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Alhatorah.org is a new site created by Neima and Hillel Novetsky. The site attempts to mine the vast riches of 2500 years of Biblical interpretation and to illuminate the text of the Torah using an array of lenses such as plot and character analysis, structural and literary devices, Biblical parallels, Ancient Near Eastern backdrop, realia, literature, and art. It aspires to empower all circles and levels of the community by providing teaching tools and resources and imparting a systematic learning methodology.

As this coming Shabbat is Parashat Yitro, you might enjoy using the Shemot Chapter 18 prototype which is currently available on the site. An easy place to start is Shabbat Table Discussions, accessible from the purple Family menu (top center after entering the site). Or choose any other topic you like and simply follow the links.

Neima is currently building a team to enable us to complete an initial version of all of Sefer Shemot over the coming year. To learn more about the project, its plans, and its supporters, click on the black About menu (top right corner of the site) or contact us. We would very much appreciate if you could let us know if you are able to access the site, and we would be grateful for all feedback, critique, and suggestions.

Education Links

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Custom Jewish Calendars

Jewish History

Information about the 29th of November, 1947

Jewish Agency resources and maps about the partition agreement:

New site created with the support of the Jim Joseph Foundation collecting the oral history of those who helped found the State of Israel

Thanksgiving and the Jews:


Tanakh Links
Recommended by David Riemenschnieder (Cohort 9)  The JPS Translation of the Tanakh
Recommended by Tamara Frankel (Cohort 10) 
http://www.bibleage.com/bible/index.html  to expose kids to archaeology behind Tanach

Hebrew Language Link
Recommended by Ris Golden (Cohort 8) 

Parsha Links

1.Sarah Hendel (Cohort 7) recommends this link:www.g-dcast.com

2.Divrei Torah on the Parshah.  Some of the contributors are Pardes Educator Alumni and Pardes Alumni. This project is funded by AJWS.

3. The JTS Parsha link can be found in the December, 2008 newsletter.

Mishna Links

Kehati in English.

General Text Links
1. Michal Cahlon (Cohort 5) suggests this link (in hebrew)  http://www.midreshet.org.il/

Using Art to Teach Text Links



Specifically on the Akeida click here.    Also on the Akeida

Tefillah Links

Saul P. Wachs, Towards a Theory of Practice; Conducting Services for and with Children and Teens in Jewish Day Schools

Ganntools by Jeffrey Spitzer-Gann Academy

http://fc.gannacademy.org/gannopedia/ganntools/index.html -Gannopedia webtools: Studying with the web

http://tinyurl.com/ganntools is a filterable, always-up-to-date database of online resources for the study of Jewish texts with descriptions of advantages and disadvantages of each site.

http://tinyurl.com/jewlit is a Jewish literacy database with flashcard definitions and more full definitions. Hebrew terms are vocalized and transliterated.

http://tinyurl.com/ganntimeline is an interactive Jewish history timeline which can include (at the user's choice) different amounts of detail. It is also filterable and searchable.

ttp://tinyurl.com/rlmap is a graphical representation of the different documents of rabbinic literature.

http://tinyurl.com/giyyur is a database of over 100 resources on conversion


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