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Alumni Resources

1. Sources for Women in the Tanach

2. David Harris-Gershon’s Moth podcast 
3. Rabbis Arthur Green, Ebn Leader and 
Or Rose - new two-volume book Speaking Torah: Spiritual Teaching From Around the Maggid’s Table (Jewish Lights Publishing, 2013), a collection of mystical Torah commentaries from several of the founding masters of this great spiritual revival movement.

4. Rabbi Shai Held, Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call to Transcendence, new book on Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972) the prolific scholar, impassioned theologian and prominent activist who participated in the civil rights movement and the campaign against the Vietnam War.

5. Alex Sinclair: Loving the Real Israel: An Educational Agenda for Liberal Zionism, Ben Yehuda Press. This paperback book is targeted at a general Jewish audience, as well as Jewish educators, rabbis, and communal leaders.

6. Moshe Sokolow's VeTen Tal U-Matar: What is So Holy about the 4th (or 5th or 6th) of December? In Israel we began adding the prayer for rain 7 MarHeshvan, but in other countries the prayer is added only in the beginning of December. Some Insights into the Interplay between the Calendar and the Liturgy at http://www.lookstein.org/articles/veten_tal.htm

7. Registration is now open for the Chidon HaTanach for Adults
Participation is open to all Diaspora Jews ages 25 and up.  You can register at:
Although the registration page implies that registration closed on 9/30/13, it is in fact still open. The Israeli Education Ministry is still working on the format for testing Diaspora Jews, so they will contact all registrants once they finalize the format. The Chidon for Adults is a project of Israel's Education Ministry with no formal connection to any of the Chidonim for Youth.

8.  Connections Israel's Project IDF pen pal
Connections Israel wants to offer Jewish schools across the world the opportunity to be connected to specific soldiers in Israel. The soldiers will write letters to the students making a personal connection and informing them about their time and service in the IDF, and in return the students will write letters to the soldiers and to his/her friends in the unit and will send the unit gift baskets for the holidays. For more details please send email to info@connectionsisrael.com

9. An animated sequence to teach Talumd: http://animatedtalmud.com/

10. Highly recommended books from Susan Wall:
  1. Teachers as Learners by Sharon Feiman-Nemser, Harvard Education Press, 2012. 
  2. Turn It and Turn It Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts edited by Jon Levisohn and Susan Fendrick, Boston, Academic Studies Press, 2013.
11. The Chronicle of Higher Education, recommended by David Bernstein
12. David Harris Gershon's book, What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist who Tried to Kill Your Wife?: A Memoir