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Intro to Newsletter

Dear Hevre,

It is an exciting time of year as we approach both Thanksgiving and Chanukah – on the same date! Thanksgiving and Chanukah have coincided before - Thanksgiving fell on the first day of Chanukah on November 29, 1888. It also coincided with the fifth day of Chanukah on November 30, 1899.

This meeting of Thanksgiving and Chanukah is a great opportunity to discuss with students what it means to live as a Jew and as an American, identify common Jewish and American values, discuss potential tensions that exist when living as both a Jew and American and brainstorm how to resolve those tensions. Whatever you decide to do, please keep us in the loop! We want to hear about your creative programming, challenges and successes.

As for PCJE staff updates – we are sad that Ben is leaving the PEP alumni support team and wish him hatzlacha raba in all of his future endeavors. Ilana has returned from maternity leave and excited for the year ahead. Susan is wrapping up her time in the States and will be returning to Israel in February.

Kol tuv,

Susan, Ilana and Ben