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Farewell from Amanda and Debra

From Amanda

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It has been a tremendous privilege working with all of you over the last 2 years.  I have learned so much from being in your schools and in your classrooms.  Thank you for sharing your proudest moments with me and trusting me with your most challenging ones. I am excited about my new position and feel grateful to have this alumni network to support me as I take my next step.  Please stay in touch amandapogany@gmail.com.

With appreciation and gratitude,


From Debra

The period of time following Tisha B'Av is known as Bein Hazmanim - between times. We have moved from the period of destruction and despair to a time of Nechama - comfort and new beginnings. Last week thousands of people around the world completed the 7 year cycle of daf yomi and immediately began the next cycle.


The Pardes Educators Alumni Support Project is also heading toward a new exciting direction. You can look forward to more support and services from PEASP.


It has been a zechut for me to have had the opportunity to work with Susan and with all of you these past 5 years. I have held many roles and worked with many people during my tenure at Pardes. It has been exciting to work alongside Susan and be a part of the alumni project. We built the support project from scratch . Nothing brings greater joy than seeing one of the alum now providing support services to others as we did this summer with Tamar Rabinowitz (Cohort 1) as Director of the Summer Curriculum Workshop and having Marc Baker (Cohort 1) present a lunchtime session.


 I look forward to a continuing relationship with Pardes and hope to keep in touch with all of you.


Best of luck to you as you begin the school year.

All the best,