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Focus on Anna Falk (Cohort 4) March, 2010 Newsletter

My name is Anna Falk. My journey into Jewish Education and Pardes began in the Siberian city of Krasnojasrsk, where I grew up. It was only when I was transferring to a new high school, that I saw that the nationality listed on my papers was Jewish.  I met another Jewish girl in high school, who introduced me to Hebrew classes sponsored by the Jewish Agency. I had hoped to come on aliya after high school but my parents would not let me.  Instead, I went to college and graduated from the Teacher Training University with a major in English. Upon graduation I worked for the Siberian branch of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (The Joint).
In 2000, after working for The Joint for 4 years, I decided to fulfill my dream and come on aliya.  I studied and lived at Ulpan Etzion and continued to work for The Joint in Jerusalem.  I had wanted to get my Masters Degree in Education at Hebrew University and heard about the Pardes Educators Program.  I came to Pardes to study in 2002 and was accepted into Cohort 4 of the Educators Program ('03 -'05). My first teaching position was at the El Paso Jewish Academy.  Currently, I am a Judaic studies teacher at the Brevard Jewish Community School, Melbourne, FL. I also teach at the Temple Beth Shalom Religious (Sunday) School.
The Brevard Jewish Community School, a preschool through sixth grade community school, has moved to new premises this year. I am the only Judaic Studies specialist in the school, which involves many responsibilities. Apart from all the Judaic subjects, I am in charge of Tefilah five mornings a week and Jewish holiday celebrations throughout the year.

In the coming months, in addition to the school-wide Pesach Seder, we are preparing for the first Communal Kabbalat Shabbat service at the neighboring Conservative Synagogue. With a student body of  fifty, our  biggest challenge is to bring the non-affiliated families to participate in the Friday night services at the Temple. 

 I teach "Jewish Family Living" at the Beth Shalom Religious School. This class is for fourth-seventh graders and focuses on Jewish holidays and traditions. The other class I teach is on Hebrew reading skills with the third graders.

I have been involved in the continuing education program in our synagogue for the past three years. I am currently teaching a 2-year long
course entitled  "Basics of Judaism" for
B'not Mitzvah.
My husband, Kobi Spektor, and I have a three and a half year old son David and are expecting our second child. My husband is a handy-man,
and has just opened his own company. We are happy with our lives in Florida and the opportunity to be actively involved in the Jewish Community. I love my family, school and the amazing students I am privileged to have