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Online Resources

1. "Inverting the Triangle: Reimagining this So-Called Profession" by Barbara Rosenblitt in Ravsak newsletter and HaYidion. How would education look if teachers were actually paid what they are worth?
The following two articles describe a school that is implementing the approach that Barbara describes.

2. Article by Susan Wall about PEASP, 
“An 'Alternative Learning Community for Teachers,'”in Educational Leadership Journal
(for password to site please contact ilanalipman@pardes.org.il)

3. Resources regarding tefilah, from the Beuri Hatefilah Institute

4. The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge   
Grants of up to $50,000 to be awarded for innovative Jewish education models.

The Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation announced today the second year of the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), a grant initiative designed to stimulate and reward innovation in Jewish middle and high school education in North America. The JEIC supplies the opportunity for schools to partner using a grant for $50,000 to implement a paradigm shifting program.

The grant program is structured tiers to challenge educators to design creative pilot projects that can be implemented in their own schools and replicated by others. Each tier increases cash awards to proposals that pass through culminating in the top grant of $50,000. Up to six schools can earn that grant to partner with JEIC. For detailed information about the JEIC and how to secure funding, visit www.jewishchallenge.org. The finalists last year comprised some of the most creative minds in Jewish education. They participated in the Innovators Retreat and Presentation. There, they were able to connect in an atmosphere charged with great skill and imagination. They met with several funders over the two days and presented their ideas to the public. In May 2014, the finalists will again come together and produce more partnerships as a means to shape the future of Jewish education. The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge is a program of the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation, with the charitable purpose of encouraging and incentivizing the next wave of social and educational progress in Jewish high schools and middle schools.

Contact Information: Rabbi Shmuel Feld

Managing Director, Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC)


5. Articles by Marc Baker, Zvi Grumet and Levi Cooper about schools as learning communities, in Educational Leadership Journal

(for password to site please contact ilanalipman@pardes.org.il)

6. Article by PEP alum Evan Wolkenstein on classroom management tips for new teachers

7. Blog post by Leah Meir -- Teaching and Learning at AVI CHAI

8. Mark Smilowitz on Teaching Reading Proficiency
If you teach a class that involves reading classic Jewish texts, who does the reading? Do all of your students get the practice they need?
Mark Smilowitz demonstrates five ways to hear your students read so that you can help them improve.
Check out the podcast at http://www.lookstein.org/podcasts/019_021709.mp3

9. Suggestions for the ten books that Jewish leaders should be reading
For those who would like to suggest book titles, or to see what others have suggested, go to the comments section at http://ejewishphilanthropy.com/crowdsourcing-what-should-we-be-reading/#comments

10. Technology in the Classroom:
Tzvi Pittinsky, Director of Educational Technology at Frisch High School, describes the flipped Beit Midrash at http://techrav.blogspot.com/

Debbie Harris, Director of Technology at Sager Solomon Schechter of Northbrook, shares the latest ways to integrate technology into classrooms at http://museforjews.com/

11. Project TEN at Harduf
The new Harduf Center of the Jewish Agency's Project TEN is an ecological Jewish social-action center dedicated to Arab-Jewish co-existence work. It is located in the forest next to Kibbutz Harduf in the Galilee, and operated in collaboration with Shaar LeAdam (http://adam-insan.org.il/eng_index.htm). We are looking for participants for our semester volunteer program starting in March. This is an opportunity to volunteer in the areas of sustainable development, Arab-Jewish coexistence, and social action, and to live in a forest in Israel for four months, being part of an intentional community and helping to build an ecological program center.The program is sponsored by MASA and is designed for post-college-aged participants (US, international and Israeli). For more information, click here.

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