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Professional Development

Professional Development Workshop on Modern Israel, The Center for Israel Education

The Center for Israel Education is conducting the 13th annual Professional Development Workshop on Modern Israel for pre-collegiate teachers [Grades 5-12], in Atlanta, GA, June 22 - June 27, 2014. Attendance is virtually free, with a nominal application fee and personal travel expenses as the only costs, and a $250 travel stipend available to each participant. All lodging, (kosher) food, and workshop expenses are underwritten by a grant from The AVI CHAI Foundation. The attending teacher is to submit a letter from their headmaster or director of education certifying that information about Israel learned at the workshop will be incorporated into new or existing courses, according to the needs and demands of the school and grade. Attending participants are required to be in-residence for the duration of the workshop, from Sunday noon to Friday noon. Attached you will find a workshop flyer to share with your colleagues.

Learn more about our workshops by visiting www.israeled.org/workshops.

CIE’s mission is to be a source destination for learners and educators about modern Israel. Evidence from twelve years of work in the field tells us that there is an enormous desire on the part of educators and learners of all ages to know Israel’s story. Personally and professionally, there is a passion to own and appreciate Israel’s central role in modern Jewish identity. Our comparative advantage is that we link cutting edge scholarship with gifted curriculum designers. We help others know, learn, own and transmit the critical role Israel has played in transforming modern Jewish history, the lives of Jews everywhere, and its central importance to the American national interest. Awakening and spreading a paradigm change in learning about Israel are our objectives. We believe that Jews, especially, should know Israel like they know the ‘Four Questions.’

Please encourage teachers from your school to attend. Enrollment is open to first-time participants of a one-week CIE/ISMI Professional Development Workshop on Modern Israel.
The application deadline is March 24, 2014. Spaces are limited, apply before February 28th and the application fee is only $99.

Thank you,
Ken Stein, President
Center for Israel Education

Call for Papers: The Journal of Jewish Ethics

 We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new scholarly journal: The Journal of Jewish Ethics. With the guidance of a stellar editorial board spanning the globe, this twice-yearly, in-print and on-line journal is situated to become the premier venue for contemporary Jewish ethical discourse. The first edition is slated for publication in early 2015.

Please share this announcement with colleagues, communities and congregations.


The Journal of Jewish Ethics publishes outstanding scholarship in Jewish ethics, broadly conceived. It serves as a location for the exchange of ideas among those interested in understanding, articulating, and promoting descriptive and normative Jewish ethics. It aspires to advance dialogue between Jewish ethicists and ethicists working out of other religious and secular traditions.

The journal welcomes articles for peer review that engage contemporary moral and ethical issues using philosophical and theological methods, historical and textual criticism, and other approaches. Articles may concern social and political ethics, bioethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, gender ethics, virtue ethics, or other areas of ethics scholarship. While articles should make original and substantial contributions to the field, they are intended for scholars, professionals, clergy, chaplains, and anyone interested in Jewish ethics and thus should be clear and accessible. The journal welcomes reviews of current publications, cultural criticism, letters and comments.


Jonathan K. Crane, Emory University
Louis E. Newman, Carleton College

Editorial Board
Elliot N. Dorff, American Jewish University
Robert Gibbs, University of Toronto
Alyssa Gray, Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion
Martin Kavka, Lehigh University
Jonathan Sacks, King's College, London , Yeshiva University, New York
David Teutsch, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
Noam Zohar, Bar Ilan University
Laurie Zoloth, Northwestern University

Associate Editors
Aaron Gross, San Diego University
Jeffrey Israel, Willams College
Geoffrey Claussen, Elon University
Emily Filler, University of Virginia
Moses Pava, Yeshiva University

Book Review Editor
Jonathan Schofer, University of Texas-Austin

Submission Information (
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Send your submissions to:

Contact the editors at:

Jonathan K. Crane, Emory University
Louis E. Newman, Carleton College