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New Initiatives

Havruta Project

A small number of our most veteran alumni (those who have been in the classroom for at least 5 years) have been invited to participate in this year's Havruta project, geared for middle and high school teachers. Those of you who were at our retreat in the fall of 2009, may remember the excellent sessions on Havruta presented by Orit Kent (from the Mandel Center at Brandeis University). Orit will be the "expert" working with the group. The participants will learn about the latest research on Havruta learning, and apply the various components to their classrooms. The first gathering of the group will take place in Boston, December 4-5, 2011. We are excited about the process as well as the product which we look forward to sharing the following year with more of our alumni.

Middle School PLC

We are creating a PLC (professional learning community) for novice middle school teachers. Amanda will facilitate a conference call twice a month.  We will spend time discussing different chapters from the book 'Teach Like a Champion' and will also process critical incidents that the group is dealing with in their classrooms.  

Elementary Anchor Activity Database

We are creating a database of anchor activities for elementary school classrooms. Please submit to Amanda worksheets, puzzles, games and books you send them off to read, or anything you give students to do when they complete an assignment and are waiting for others.  If you have a good book with these activities, please let us know the name of the book. When you submit materials please indicate what grade you use them for and what subject.


If you are interested in being given access to this document, please respond and let Amanda know.  You are not required to submit something in order to have access to the document, but we would like as many people to send in materials as possible.

Curriculum Development: Last Call for Participants 

This is an opportunity for our alumni (who have been teaching for at least 3 years) to work alone or collaboratively with another graduate or two, to design a 4-6 week unit of study (from 'soup to nuts'). The curriculum unit would need to be relevant to various school environments and would be shared with the PEP alumni community, and potentially the larger field. Judith Sone (PEP cohort 1) will be the advisor to this project. The project does involve a small stipend.  Please contact Debra for more information.