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Sparks from the Netziv

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ניצוצי הנצי"ב

Guidelines for using the worksheets

By Rabbi Levi Cooper

Goals:   On a practical level for educators, this course is designed to provide content support in three principle areas:

v         ideas for דברי תורה

v         directions for a פרשת השבוע class or to trigger פרשה discussion

v         tools for an advanced class on פרשנות

While these goals are, I hope, useful in that provide material for educators, they are – I must admit – not my goal; they are merely a valuable side benefit.

My real goal in this course is to provide a forum for continued growth.  So often when we leave the walls of the Beit Midrash, we become busy with the vicissitudes of
life, such that it is difficult to find time for personal development.  Personal development, of course, happens on a number of plains; in this course we are hoping to
grow intellectually. 

Over the course we will meet the Netziv and get to know him and his style of commentary.  Conscientious participants will further develop their skills by
exploring new vistas of פרשנות.  By the end of the course, participants will have added a new tool their toolbox of Jewish studies.

Method:  My suggestion is to peruse the headings and choose one of the topics that you would like to explore each week (Advanced students can, of course,choose more than one).

If none of the topics interest you, I suggest looking at the bottom of the page where I have a list of other passages that piqued my interest though I did not explore the issue.

Unless otherwise stated, references are always to the Netziv’s commentary העמק דבר.   
If the references that are not emboldened are extra (background or further examples); you need not study them to understand the point being made.

You will notice that instead of using the traditional denotation by book of the Bible, I have opted to note sources using the weekly פרשה.

 Should you have any questions, thoughts, issues, problems or ideas please post them on the discussion group set up for our on-line learning group:


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Kol tuv

Levi Cooper